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Capitol Couture

I wasn't so sure what all the hype surrounding The Hunger Games was about, I haven't read the books but with all the buzz I just had to see it. 

Although the movie was good and the plot intriguing, it was the fashion at The Capitol that kept my attention.   My eyes were all over the screen taking in all the colours, makeup and awesome hats! 

I admire how such talented and creative people can even imagine these fashions in their mind and bring them to life.

The hair, makeup and nail art are truly amazing.  I can just imagine all the nail salon's scrambling to perfect their skills in order to capture the newest trend in manicures.

Our first look at Effie in the movie, my eyes nearly popped out of my head in amazement.
Effie's glamorous dinner attire, check out those nails!

Do you think this beard design will be the newest trend for men?
Some of the amazing outfits in the movie, look at those fabulous hats!

In love with this look, and especially the shoes.

After coming home from the movie, I had a million ideas in my head about all the new hair pieces I could make.   The movie, even though it wasn't 5 stars for me, was certainly a 10 in inspiration points!

If you haven't seen the movie yet, check it out, let me know what your favourite fashion at The Capitol is.

Until next time!


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