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Giving back

I've been lucky to have had the opportunity to give back on a few occasions lately.  It's been really fulfilling and it's something that has made me feel great while doing something for others.

Recently I was able meet a lovely lady named Mary-Anne Scaturchio-Selwa.  She held an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party to help raise awareness and funds for Autism and National Service Dogs for Autism.  The hair piece I made for the silent auction hopefully contributed at least small amount to these wonderful charities.  This amazing event, held at the Italian Canadian Club in Milton, Ontario, had a large turn out and made me realize even more that a small caring community can make big things happen.

Congratulations Mary-Anne on your successful event (she raised approximately $4,000!).  You definitely are an inspiration to so many of us.  Mary-Anne has devoted her life to helping families that are affected by autism and she even teaches sign language to young children at My Smart Hands Milton.

Photo credit: Marcie Costello Photography

Photo credit: Marcie Costello Photography

Mary-Anne accepting a beautiful painting from Aidan.

I had the pleasure of making a very small contribution to Sydney Weaver's special night out at the O'Brien Awards, which recognizes the best in Canadian harness racing.  I was honoured that she wore the Swag Barn hair piece I gifted to her and she looked beautiful! 

At this black tie awards gala, Sydney was the recipient of the I Love Canadian Harness Racing Fan Club Ambassador Award in recognition of her love and promotion of the sport and for winning a writing competition with her aptly named submission, It's A Wonderful Life.  This inspiring young lady has also raised funds and awareness for charities like Reach for the Rainbow, a charitable organization that integrates children and youth with disabilities into the mainstream of society through summer camp programs as well as Friends of We Care, which sends kids with disabilities to Easter Seals camps.  Sydney recently aqcuired part ownership if a harness horse and I've heard from a little birdie that she will be donating some purse winnings to charity.  Sydney even lobbied to implement wheelchair accessibility in the new Acton, Ontario library.   The list goes on.

Sydney opening her surprise gift!  Photo by Sarah Scott.
Beautiful!  Hair and photo by Sarah Scott.
Hair and photo by Sarah Scott.
With her award at the O'Brien Awards.Photo by Clive Cohen/New Image Media
With her parents at the O'Brien Awards.  Photo by Clive Cohen/New Image Media

I hadn't had the chance to meet Sydney (yet) but when asked if I could come up with a hair piece for her I jumped at the chance.  I already knew of Sydney and with all the work she does for others I knew this was the absolute least I could do for her.  Seeing the smile on her face as she opens the box with her hair piece is priceless.  Thank you Sarah Scott for sending me the photos.  Not only did I receive a lovely email message within minutes of her receiving the gift, Sydney made sure to keep in contact to let me know how great her night was.

We often don't realize how many people out there are working tirelessly and devoting countless hours to charities and causes that are close to their hearts.  Even if it's something small that I can do to give back I am honoured to do so, after all, it's nothing compared to the efforts these special people put forth!

Until next time!


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